30 Places to Rent a Yurt in Ontario

30 Places to Rent a Yurt in Ontario

Did you know that there are over 30 unique yurt locations that you can rent within Ontario? That’s a whole lot of yurts! Beyond the unique locations, I also discovered that not all yurts offered the same kind of amenities (like beds, washrooms, cookware), nor were they all available during the winter season!

To save you some searching time, I put together a sortable reference table listing out all the locations you can rent a yurt within Ontario and included 20+ feature columns that sorts and lists out deciding factors like:

  • drive time from Toronto
  • cost/night + minimum stays
  • features available in the yurt

If only I made this table for myself during my search! Alas, I created this after the fact. BUT – when we decide to rent another yurt again, I’m definitely going to use this table!

What is a Yurt?

Everything you need to know for a Winter Yurt Camping Experience - Yurt Example image - photo by Annie Spratt, source: unsplash.com
Yurt Example image – photo by Annie Spratt, source: unsplash.com

In case you’re not sure what a yurt is, let’s start off with the basics. A yurt is a portable, large and circular tent traditionally used by nomadic groups as their primary form of shelter.

Nowadays, modern yurts also act as spaces for temporary housing, guest lodging, meditating, and/or vacationing. A yurt has more room than a traditional tent. It generally comes with basic amenities to set you up for a more comfortable stay. Most yurts come with mattresses, a desk, and some chairs.

As a vacation or camping accommodation, yurts are aimed to help campers reduce the amount of bulky gear you need to bring for your stay.

Where to find Yurt Listings in Ontario

Since yurts are offered as either vacation or camping accommodations, you’ll see these tents available for rent on both provincial parks websites and on private lodging websites like Glamping Hub, and Airbnb. If you’re also resourceful with your search keywords, you might also be able to find some private , standalone yurt listings as well.

Before booking our getaway, I actually performed a quick search of ‘yurt Ontario’ to see what I could find, and the results, while helpful, did not give me the insight I needed. Personally, I was looking for a comfortable, close, and unique accommodation that was available in the winter where I could also live a couple of days unplugged. Ultimately after lot of tabbing back and forth, looking up locations on maps, and writing notes haphazardly on sticky notes, the Georgian Bay View Yurt hosted by the lovely Cady and Gavin best suited our needs. BUT you don’t need to do that!

Presenting the table of yurts! This sortable yurt, will help you rank the yurt that fits closest to your comfort, distance, budgetary, and seasonal needs!

The Table of Yurts

Scroll down after the image to learn more about the table, and what features you can sort by.

Google Sheet of yurts you can rent in Ontario
Google Sheet of yurts you can rent in Ontario

In case the image link doesn’t work, you can also access the Google Sheet by clicking here.

Did we miss a cool yurt listing?
Send us a message and we’ll add it in – the more options the merrier!

How to Sort the Google Sheet with View-Only Access

The Google Sheet is set to View only – and I don’t know about you, but I needed a minute to figure out how I could sort the table without having edit access. So for everyone else who might not be familiar with how to sort tables, here’s how you do it! Happy filtering!

Step 1 – Select All of Row 3

Select all of row 3 to ensure that Google Sheets knows which fields to filter by in the next step

Step 2 – Click on Filter Views

Click on the ‘Filter views’ icon located below the main Google Sheet toolbar

Step 3 – Create new View, or filter using pre-existing view

Create new temporary filter view, or select from two of the views that I created for you

Step 4 – Happy Sorting!

That’s it – now you’re ready to sort the table to find the right yurt for you!

Data Source

Yurt listings were collected from:

Any separate listings mentioned outside of these sources were not included – unless specified by a reader 🙂

Table Fields / Features:

The table contains 28 features/fields. To make things a little easier, the features are grouped into three main categories:

  • Logistical Details: features or fields that may affect how the trip needs to be planned.
  • Indoor Amenities: items or features available inside the yurt during your stay
  • External Amenities (Comfort Station/External Washroom Amenities): external amenities nearby the yurt

Please note that while I tried to make the list as comprehensive as possible, I chose to focus on the yurt’s amenities that relate to comfort of stay. As such, adventuring features like hiking trails, snowshoeing, canoeing, and horseback riding are not included.

General Items

Logistical Details

Internal Amenities

External Amenities

Comfort Station / External Washroom Amenities


Phew! This was a lot of data! Hopefully, this table will help other folks when making a decision as to where to rent their next yurt experience! Thanks for going through and exploring the 30+ yurts available to rent in Ontario! If you’d like to know more about what it is like to stay in a yurt before choosing your own, feel free to read up on our personal experience of staying in a yurt for the first time in winter!

As the camping/glamping landscape evolves, I know that this list will get shorter or longer. If there’s any yurt listing you know of that we might have missed, please don’t hesitate to send us an email. If you’re one one of the yurt owners and we got your data wrong, send us a message and we’ll correct it right away! Also – thanks for being awesome and letting us stay in them!

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