Get the Quick Getaway You Deserve Without Straining Your Wallet

Get the Quick Getaway You Deserve Without Straining Your Wallet

Today, I have a guest article created by Nick with 9 tips on planning for and enjoying a mini getaway without breaking the bank. Nick Burton is the co-creator of Our Best Doggo. Together with his wife, they are proud parents of three rescue dogs. After the passing of their 15-year-old lab/terrier mix dog, Willie, they decided to create Our Best Doggo to share all types of dog information and help people that are mourning the loss of a dog.

Everyone needs a vacation now and again, even if it’s just for a weekend, and that includes you. In this day and age, it’s even more important to take some time off. It provides a chance to unwind and recharge your batteries after draining them by leading such a busy lifestyle.

There’s just one little problem: money. Plane tickets, rental cars, and hotel rooms: They all add up, and you just can’t afford it if you’re going to stick to your household budget. If only there was some way of doing it on the cheap.

Luckily, there is. Just follow these tips and you’ll have a blast enjoying your mini getaway without breaking the bank.

Destress from Work

It can be hard to turn off thoughts, especially if you work in a high-stress industry. Constantly worrying about work can make it hard for you to do things well, which is especially troublesome for people in positions of leadership.

Taking a vacation won’t only give you some time to relax, but it will also make you more productive when you go back to work. Zen Business wrote a great blog post explaining how a well-timed trip can alleviate work-related stress and keep you going.

Make a Budget

Take a close look at your bank account, as well as your household budget, and decide on a sum that you can spend without missing next month’s rent or pawing your watch to pay for groceries.

Research the costs of transportation to and from your destination to plan accordingly. Don’t forget to create a budget for your meals.

Make Plans for Your Pooch

Don’t forget about Fido! Although there may be a few upfront costs for travelling with your four-legged companion – a pet deposit for your Airbnb, for example – he’s a pretty cheap date once you reach your destination.

You can find plenty of dog-friendly activities for you both to enjoy that don’t cost an arm and a leg, like camping. However, be sure you make room in your budget for essentials that will keep him safe during your travels, such as:

  • A dog-friendly seatbelt for road trips
  • An ID tag for his collar or harness
  • Medication for anxiety, nausea, or another condition that might complicate his travel experience

For a list of great dog-friendly excursion ideas, be sure to check out SYDE Road’s blog!

Of course, while we believe that you’ll have way more fun on your getaway if your canine companion comes along, there will be times when it’s not practical for him to join you. In that case, he’ll need a place to stay. Hiring a sitter who can look after your best bud and your residence at the same time can be a cost-effective solution, though pet-boarders may also be available and affordable.

Score Airline Deals

Staying close to home would keep costs down, or so it would seem. In fact, there are a few hacks that could help you fly on the cheap and explore more faraway destinations. Thrifty Nomads has a list of websites where you can secure some budget-friendly tickets.

Book an Apartment

Hotels are no longer the only game in town when looking for a place to stay as you can readily find a host who will give you the keys to their apartment or house for a few days at much lower rates. Plus, these accommodations are much more likely to be dog-friendly.

Get Busy in the Kitchen

Another benefit of getting a private residence is your own kitchen so you’re not forced to dine out at tourist-trap restaurants where you pay an arm and a leg for stale crab cakes. Make the best of this opportunity by trying your hand at a local dish and washing it down with the local beer or wine.

Use Public Transport

Car rental takes up a huge chunk of your budget, but you can cut it out completely by riding the bus, train, or tram. The best part is that you’ll experience life like a local rather than a tourist while catching glimpses of scenery that you might not see otherwise. Just be sure to keep a close eye on schedules so you don’t spend half the weekend waiting at the stop.

Carry Snacks and Drinks

It doesn’t sound like it would help much, but it keeps you from straying into overpriced cafes and bars to quench your thirst and fill up your stomach. Nothing’s cheaper or healthier than water, so bring along a plastic bottle along with some fruit, jerky, and sandwiches that you can munch on while walking down the street. You can even make treats for both you and your pup to share!

Find Free Activities

You might just have a better time than if you hit up the same amusement parks and museums as the other out-of-town visitors, and there’s plenty available if you take some advice from fellow travellers. With a bit of research, you’ll find performances, parades, fairs, and self-walks that cost nothing at all.

Worklife and home life can get stressful, which is why everyone  — including you! — deserve a chance to get away and unwind for a little while. And when you wrap up that getaway and return home, you’ll have the energy to put back into everything that matters most to you.

Image via Pexels.

Where’s your next getaway going to be? We’re going somewhere in Eastern Ontario next month! Stay tuned!

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