Top 3 Nature and Eco Stay around Bali, Indonesia

Top 3 Nature and Eco Stay around Bali, Indonesia

With the recent Global Climate Strike, I’ve been thinking harder about my own ecological footprint as a tourist as well and what ways I can work to reduce it. As a result, I’ve expanded my research to include more nature and eco stay locations.

Somewhere that has been very much on my bucket list is Bali, Indonesia. To me, the place conjures images of vast jungles, pristine rivers, and amazing biodiversity. I want to preserve that feeling when I visit, to ensure that future generations can also appreciate its raw beauty. What better place to start my nature and eco stay research than to research it for this beautiful country?

After looking at half a dozen nature and eco stays around Bali, these are my top 3 ideal places to stay:

  1. Sunrise House, Green Village (All-bamboo architectural wonder aka $$$)
  2. Hideout Bali (All-bamboo cozy stay $$)
  3. Fivelements (Complete eco-conscious wellness retreat $$$)
Hideout Bali AirBnB, Bali, Indonesia
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1. Sunrise House, Green Village

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To be honest, all the Green Village houses are amazing. Every home is an architectural piece of art (lead by the very talented team at Ibuku) and the entire village was created with sustainability in mind. Even the programs offered at Green Village push for that direction as well. For example, the Green School is a school for elementary, middle, and high school children that places heavy emphasis on teaching sustainability and social good. Furthermore, regular workshops are offered nearby to teach tourists/visitors the art of bamboo craftsmanship at BambooU.

Currently, there are 7 homes for rent at the Green Village. Out of the rentable homes, I picked the Sunrise House because of its panoramic views on every floor and because it offered 3 bedrooms. Why 3 bedrooms? Well, considering the price of an eco-stay, I really wanted to make sure that most of my picks would include the opportunity to share this experience with my two travel friends. I needed to make sure that if we were to come here, each of us would have our own private bedroom and space for ourselves – if needed.

The Space

  • 3 double bedrooms – each with ensuite bathroom (master bedroom equipped with A/C)
  • 4 stories – each story has a panoramic view of the river valley and surrounding landscape
  • 1 floor designated to working space
  • Wireless internet throughout the home
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Private pool
  • Mostly all bamboo-made designed for sunrise views
  • Green Village YouTube Video <– I already fell in love with the place after looking at the photos but this video from Green Village just made me even more excited to put this onto my bucket list of places to stay

Booking Details

  • Book through: AirBnB – ‘Stunning All Bamboo House Overlooking River’
  • Listed Price / Night: $431 CAD/night
  • A driver can be requested through AirBnb to pick you up directly from the airport

2. Hideout Bali

All images are taken from AirBnB

Hideout Bali was actually the AirBnB that started my search for eco stays around Bali. This was one of those popular eco stays that were snapped by many travel bloggers around the world, and the Hideout Bali Instagram page (can anyone else say awe-inspiring!?) has almost two hundred thousand followers. The website for Hideout Bali actually has 4 different eco stay offerings – but the one I’m most interested in is the one that started it all – the original Hideout Bali. The original Airbnb is an all-bamboo home, has a hammock, is jungle-immersive, and provides an almost off-grid experience with PETS. If you can’t tell – I’m dreaming pretty hard about staying here!

The Space

  • 1 double bed (w/ mosquito net) and 1 floor mattress (no mosquito net)
  • 2 stories
  • All-bamboo home with kitchen, safety box, relaxing area – no AC
  • Breakfast and fruit basket offered (lunch and dinner can be added as a separate package)
  • 1 free scooter
  • 2 friendly dogs and a cat!
  • Wifi is available – but be prepared for an off-the-grid experience

Booking Details

  • Book through AirBnB – ‘HIDEOUT BALI – Eco Bamboo Home’
  • Listed Price/Night: 225 CAD/night

3. Fivelements

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If you’re looking for a complete eco stay experience – Fivelements is the place to go. However, before you book your reservation, please note that this place only serves plant-based cuisine. Since there is a dietary limitation, I would consider this the most immersive eco-experience out of the three. This place is really meant for the well-off eco-conscious-in-all-aspects-of-travelling luxurious traveller.

The Space

So what does ‘everything’ entail? Fivelements offers:

  • Wellness retreats (yoga, meditation, healing massages, water healing – float-based massage, detox, or culinary retreat)
  • Honeymoon specials
  • Village and rice field walk
  • Roundtrip airport transfer
  • Daily shuttle to Ubud
  • Welcome drink and fruit basket
  • Sacred spaces including a private temple for intra-religious dialogue
  • Beauty sanctuary (additional costs)

Booking Details

  • Book on their website:
  • Variety of 2-7 night wellness packages available – also possible to customize stay for long as needed
  • 20% off stays for 3-nights or longer is available under their ‘stays‘ menu

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